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rDNS -- Where is my support?

First off, I have contacted Comcast John over 2 months ago about my issue. He forwarded my requst and that was the last I heard. Further inquiries to him have gone unanswerd.


Second I tried for like an hour to get support via the phone. The business class number 800-391-3000 is throwing me to the residential queue and all they can do is transfer me back to the business line which puts me right back to them. The CSR there claimed the business office is closed today. So I pay extra for 24/7 business class support and they are closed on Sundays? I can get residential support obviously but not business. What am I paying for? I shouldn't have to complain about this here but this is literally the only place I can potentially contact someone... Phone doesn't work, no web or e-mail support. Insane.


So my issue, haven't seen anyone else mention it. I have business class internet with 5 IPs at my home. I have it for the higher speed and ability to host mail servers and the like. My problem is that the reverse DNS entry for my IP addresses lists my full name and home address as the point of contact. I would *really* prefer that my home address is not published publically as the owner of the IP addresses. It was not like this when I signed up. (Anyone can check theirs by going to and putting their IP address in the WhoisRWS search in the upper right corner). I consider this a huge privacy issue, most sites do not publish user IP addresses, but site owners can obviously record them and with this information identify me directly, I have little anonymity in this setup.


If anyone knows how to get support, let me know.

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Re: rDNS -- Where is my support?

Welcome Marki.  Our Network IP Engineering team confirmed that your IP information was updated on ARIN-whois today. Please allow 24 hours for the new information to propagate.


Thank You

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