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problem with CNAME setup to move Yahoo web hosting and email to comcast

I'm following the process to move my website and email hosting from yahoo to comcast for  I believe I have entered the CNAME info correctly at Yahoo, but not sure.   The Comcast instructions say use  

Source alias: NIMVA

Target value:


but Yahoo forces the source to have,  so it looks like:






I also have the following CNAME entries setup in yahoo, didn't know if I am supposed to change/remove any of these:

Type: Source: Destination: Actions:

A Recordcodezerollc.comYahoo IP Address 
CNAME Record*.codezerollc.comYahoo Hostname 
CNAME Recordftp.codezerollc.comYahoo Hostname 
CNAME Recordmail.codezerollc.comYahoo Hostname 

I made these changes 2 days ago, but still see the "Not Completed" message when checking under manage domains.  


I tried to follow the step listed in the instructions in step 6:    but the DNS tool is completely different and doesn't map in any way to the instructions provided, so not sure what to do next.  


Can you help me get this processed so I can get my mail and web hosting moved over? 





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