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What Name Server To Put Into Domain Registration?

Hi All,


I have a server that is running on a Static ip and I have registered the domain name at Network Solutions (it has been there forever and haven't changed it). I have comcast doing secondard DNS on and However, when I try to change the Name Server setting in the domain record, the names don't take and it keeps defaulting back to NS1.COMCASTBUSINESS.NET which doesn't resolve my domain name.


What do I need to do to get this to work properly?





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Re: What Name Server To Put Into Domain Registration?

Hello cstetson and welcome,


Your domain is running Comcast legacy Name Servers, MX records, etc. If you need any changes you will need to contact 800-391-3000, use technical High Speed Internet,  and ask the technical agent  to escalate a ticket to Tier 2 for a ticket to be entered in "Inquent" which is a ticket system we use for Network Solutions.


Hope this helps you out.


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