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Website still "Under Construction"

I created and published (a few times) our new website over an hour ago through the "Website Builder Demo" but it is still saying that it is "Under Construction".  Also, when I follow the path from the Website Starter Page, to Manage Website, to the Comcast Business Control Panel; I click on Website under Manage Services but I am getting an error saying "You do not have Web Hosting for the domain".....and then I get an option for a drop-down to choose a different domain, which is our original domain followed by ....."".  Did I NOT create the web page correctly??  I got confirmation that the domain was succesful.......

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Re: Website still "Under Construction"

Hello innovativeauto... and welcome,


If you are referring to your 3 page free existing website then you should be able to use the Website builder application, as long as your website size is 10MB or less. Please see this Webhosting information for your reference. If you are trying to modify your website that you brought into Comcast then the aforementioned Webhosting information would apply here, too.


Hope this helps you out.

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