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Static IPv6


Static IPv6

I recently added a static IP to my account. Before doing so, I asked several people in customer service if I would get static IPv6 addresses with my static IPv4 address. I got a different answer from each person I asked. I got so many different answers, I gave up and didn't even want the static addresses anymore.


Then, a sales guy calls me out of the blue. He offers a 'better modem' then mine, and in response, I tell him I'd be interested if he could just answer the simple question about the static IPv6 addresses.  He gets back to me the same day and says that absolutely for sure I can have a static /56 delegation with my order of a leased modem, and static IPv4 address. He went on to say that I'd need a particular modem, and it would have to be put in bridge mode, not pass through. Great, I said, I'll take it.


Cut to now, I have the static IPv4 address, all good. What I do not have, at all, is IPv6. I cannot get any IPv6 address out of Comcast, no matter what I try. I'm passing hints for different delegations in my IPv6 DHCP requests, i.e. /60 /56, etc. Nothing. I'm positive nothing's changed on my end. My router is absolutely compatible/capable of handling the IPv6 addressing, as it was happily getting IPv6 addresses via DHCP6 before I made the change to static IPv4.


Is there any way to get straight to someone in Tech Support that actually knows IPv6? I do NOT mean the front line, hang on let me go ask someone guy, I want THE GUY. This should be easier than it is. This should be done by now.

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Re: Static IPv6

I would like to assist with your static Ip concerns. Can you please private message the name, address and phone number on the account? 

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Re: Static IPv6

This is definitely the right place to get that resolved.  @comcast_michelle was super helpful here.  Did you go look under "my account" > "Internet | Manage Internet" > "View Static IP" ?  If you have v6 configured, it'll be listed there.