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Static IPs

I recently needed to reset my gateway hardware because I lost the password.  After calling technical support, I learned that this was unecessary, and that they would have been able to login to the box remotely to reset the password for me.


Regardless of this, I have already reset and thus lost all of my configurations, I had all of my static IPs, except the one assigned to the gateway itself assigned to a separate computer, and all of them were working.  Now, after the reset, none of them are working.


I would like to configure the gateway as a "bridge", meaning I want no DHCP, no control, no firewall, no port forwarding, no anything, I would like to handle all of those things on my servers directly, and eventually, a new middleware piece of hardware will handle this stuff for me.


How do I return the configuration to the state that allowed this setup?


When I attempt to access an IP address directly from an internet browser I get the following message:

Response Error.

Technical description

502 Bad Gateway - Response Error, a bad response was received from another proxy server or the destination origin server.


I followed some advice online and disabled the following: 

Port Forwarding (Disabled)

True Static IP Management (Disabled)

Allow public access to LAN side IPv6 Hosts (Disabled)

Port Blocking (Disabled)

Port Triggering (Disabled)

Disable Firewall for True Static IP Subnet Only (Checked)


Disable Gateway Smart Packet Detection (Checked)

Web Site Blocking (Not Enabled)

Web Site Blocking Schedule (Nothing Selected)

Enable DMZ Host (Disabled)


Enable LAN DHCP (Disabled)

STATIC ROUTING (Nothing Added)

Enable Access Filter (Disabled)


My static IP block is


In Mac OS X, each static IP is setup and enabled as follows:


Subnet Mask:

Router:  (the IP of the Comcast Gateway)

DNS: (my internal DNS server, it provides some lookups then forwards requests to


Attempting to access results in the error described above with this configuration.


I have temporarly enabled port forwarding and DMZ to allow my website and email server to function until these issues are resolved.


I would very sincerely appreciate any help anyone could offer me to help me to resolve this issue.


Best Regards!

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Re: Static IPs

The fastest way to resolve your issue is to contact business services @ 800-391-3000. They will need to push the static configuration file back to your modem so that your static IP's begin to route again. It will not be 'bridged' as that would not allow for the use of the static IP's. Turning off the firewall for true static subnet, and disabling smart packet detection will allow the packets to route through the modem un - inspected as if it were a bridge modem.
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Re: Static IPs

I called customer service after I reset the modem, because it was pulling a dynamic IP. And he said he had to go into the modem and set the IPs up again, which is what i think you are referring to. The interface on the modem itself is horrid, it is the most unusable interface i've ever encountered. And I've worked with quite a few. All i really want is to be able to bypass the thing all together because i have much better firewall software on my computer . The modem is now set to the IP it is supposed to be set to, but my previous setup no longer works, i.e., having the static IPs attached to my computer directly, they aren't routing at all, and I'm not sure what I need to do I make it work again. I come to this forum instead of calling customer service because, quite frankly, the Comcast employees who help here are much more knowledgeable than the people I tend to get on the phone.
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Re: Static IPs

I am not able to ping your default gateway IP that you have listed. That leads me to believe that the configuration file was not loaded onto your gateway or was not loaded properly. I do not believe this forum is monitored by Comcast Employees until Monday. You may want to call them back and tell them that your static IP is not routing. They will most likely have to repush the configuration file onto the modem.