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Static IP not working after my business has moved to a new location

Does anyone out there have problem with their static ip not working after their business is relocated?  I have a server that used to run on its own static ip address at my old location.  When moving to a new location it's now down and my customers cannot access to this server.  I called Comcast business and was told they had to reset their modem.  It has been almost 24 hours and it's still down.  Is there anything else I need to do?  Customer support said I don't need to do anything.  Please help.

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Re: Static IP not working after my business has moved to a new location

Hello jeff2471 and welcome,


It really depends on the physical distance from your old business location to the new business location. All Comcast static IPs are pulled from physical proximity containers and if you new business was in NJ and you moved to MD, there is a potential that you could require a new static IP address block. However, if the proximity is just down the street, the highly probable that Comcast just needs to shutdown your old modem at the old location and reload/configure the static IP on your new modem at the new location. Please let us know the total distance between your old old location and new location.



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