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Reverse PTR setup


Reverse PTR setup

Does anyone know who I can contact to get a reverse PTR record setup on my business account?  I have tried the call tree multiple times, but can never get any help.  When I talk to the techs, I usually end up with a first level support who has no idea what I am talking about.  


I have a mail server that my company uses to send out email blasts.  If there is not a reverse PTR record setup, the messages will get marked as spam and will not go through.

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Re: Reverse PTR setup

Just call the support line at 800-391-3000, and hit the option for tech support for your Internet circuit, and then tell the tech that you need a "reverse dns" setup.  They'll ask for the IP address and then the host/domain that you need it assigned to.  After they take your info they'll tell you they are sending it up to the 2nd level support and that they will make the change.  I just did it last week, in my case the change was put in overnight - within 12 hours of calling in.  


If you say reverse "PTR" they may not know what you are talking about, be sure to say "reverse DNS".


Also, I was told by the tech that they can only enter one reverse dns request at a time, when he tried to enter the info into their system for a second IP of mine, he said the system stopped him saying that there was already an open request.  So if you need to set reverse records on multiple IP addresses you have to do them one at a time.

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Re: Reverse PTR setup

Welcome AFA.


Please send me a PM with the IP and the mail server name or domain name that it should resolve to and I will forward it to the server admin for input. 


Thank You