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My Migration Experience - 11/28/2017

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My Migration Experience - 11/28/2017

So Im going to start off with this was not fun nor a good experience all around. Having said that My email that hasnt been working since 11/17 is finally working.


First I will take some of the responsibility for my email situaiton as I hadnt entered the last flipping DNS entry they requested.


However past that is all on the team, first I put in my ticket last Wed, I didnt expect a call until Saturday (Thanksgiving and all) and I was told by the tech that, most likly the call would come in on Saturday. Never happened.

I called back on Monday 11/27 worked with a tech who explained as I mentione dabove i was missing 1 dns entry and that once I entered it i should be good to go within 24 hours. I said great Ill call back with any issues if any arise. This morning Email still not working.

I called back the first lady who anwsered the phone asked what the problem was, I started explaining and I was disconnected or hung up on. Nice. I called back the tech walked me through a few things and helped me to get access to my admin portal, wher eit was discovered mos tof the entries I had entered from their emails were wrong. I take responsiblility for this however their emails could have been much more clearer. After seeing this portal was able to correct my entries, as well as the other entries that I wasnt aware of that needed to be entered. Ha dthe guy form yesterday gotten me to this location I could have fixed it all yesterday.


Thats my expereince the bad and the good. 



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Re: My Migration Experience - 11/28/2017

Id also like to add... is I was getting email up to 11/17... now that I have finished my migration i tappears anything that may have been sent between 11/17 and yesterday is non-exisitant.

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