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My IP for server network

I have a specific IP set up for our network and server and when we were using (another internet provider) we were able to go into the modem they supplied and change the settings to match ours. We just had Comcast set up with static IP and I am unable to change the IP address on the modem! So for the past 3 or 4 days we've had this new internet service we can't even use it! I calked customer service and he seemed like he's never encountered this question before but put me on a 24 hr ticket. I don't want to be forced to pay our outside IT guy $200 hr to come in and change all the network settings so they match the seemingly unchangeable settings in the new modem. The won't work with our current network. I also need to disable DHCP as well but when I tried that it didn't help. What can be done?? What are my options?? I am really tired of turtle's paced DSL and really want to be able to start using Comcast because now I have to pay for both until I can resolve this issue !!
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Re: My IP for server network

Hello Jbradley!


Sorry for the delay, I have confirmed with our regional support team that your static ip has been configured to your modem and routing properly. In order make any setting changes in the modem you can access it by plugging directly into it and typing into your browser. A login screen should appear asking for a username and password your user name is cusadmin and password is highspeed. When adjusting the settings to your server keep in mind the gateway static ip ( the one we added to the modem) is the x.x.x.230 and your usable address is x.x.x.229 with a subnet mask of Once logged into the modem you are free to make setting changes such as changing the modem ip or the current primary and secondary dns which are currently and If any more difficulties with this issue arise please let us know.


Thank you


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