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Lost static IP address after doing a reset



I inherited a Comcast Business Internet Gateway with no known password.

The default cusadmin/highspeed did not work.

I pushed the reset pin for few seconds to reset the unit.  I could access the gateway at with the default login/password.


On the other hand, the static IP address setup was gone.  Now the WAN side showed some DHCP address.


Can I have the gateway be setup with static IP address as before?

Moreover, I would like it to be setup so that all traffic is sent/forwarded to the Cisco ASA connected to the gateway.  The Cisco ASA will do all the filtering and routing.





PS: I sent a private message to Comcast_Jessie a couple of days ago but I did not hear back at all.


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Re: Lost static IP address after doing a reset

Hi thiennguyen and welcome to the business support forums.


I can certainly assist with your gateway and static. There is a possible second password found here: Please private message me your account number and the name of your business.

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