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Intolerable amounts of Spam

I may be the fool here for thinking it was a good idea to move our email over to Comcast Busniess.....


The spam we receive on a daily basis is staggering. Outlook catches about 100 spam messages per account per day, and about 50 or so always manage to make it into our inboxes. Blocking the domain and marking each as spam has no effect. I simply cannot believe that Comcast is unable to filter these before they arrive. This is supposed to be a Business class service that we pay good money for, and yet my FREE Gmail account hasn't allowed a single spam mesage into my inbox in months.


Is it really possible that Comcast decided to offer business class email with no real way to handle spam?


I think I'm at the point where i need to just cancel our email package and go with somone like AppRiver that actually knows how to combat this totally irritating nonsense. 


Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this too, or is it just us?





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Re: Intolerable amounts of Spam

We moved to a Google Apps for Business account for email and other services long ago.  It works well with our company domain, and as you have seen the spam filters are kept up to date.

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