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Domain Transfer to Comcast Incomplete

I checked with the ISP that I transferred my domain name to Comcast from.


I was concerned because the domain is still listed with the former registrar (ISP). They replied to my inquiry with the following e-mail.


"As we check the transfer of your domain (domainname.extension), we have not received the transfer yet from your gaining registrar which is comcast.


We would advise you to contact the gaining registrar which is comcast and reinitiate the transfer so that they will send us a request to release the domain, and with that the domain you have will be released for transfer. We are only waiting for the request of the gaining provider to continue the process of transfer for your domain."


Comcast, this is ongoing two weeks and not completed. You records indicate this is completed and it is not. ICANN requires this to be completed in 5 days and you have failed to do so.


Also, my request for RDNS to my static address is still not working after being requested on 7/9.  See crXXXXX2474 and crXXXXX7596.


I'm tired of making phone calls to you without any results. Please fix this.



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Re: Domain Transfer to Comcast Incomplete

There's a difference between the registrar in which you registered a domain and the ISP that is authoritative for and provides DNS service for that domain.  You can register your domain through any accredited registrar and then set the DNS servers to whatever ISP or host you want to serve content for that domain.


Comcast, as far as I can tell, is not an ICANN accredited registrar - see the official list - so you may be transferring the domain to Comcast only in the sense that you want them to provide DNS service for your domain.  What you may need to do is update the authoritative DNS servers for your domain with your current registrar so that Comcast will be able to provide name service for your domain and point your domain to their servers.

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