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Domain Registration

There are already a few posts related to this issue but feel the need to also express displeasure.


We migrated from our old IP to Comcast a couple weeks ago. Major hassle getting equipment installed, etc. but finally got it done after almost three weeks. There is a real good reason for wanting to set up a new Comcast specific domain.


HOWEVER... STILL can not register the domain.


As a new customer, we're less than pleased with our decision to move to Comcast. Until the domain registration issue is resolved, I can't proceed with setting up Outlook and email transfer. I've called Tech Support daily over the last two weeks and all I get is the run around, excuses and no commitment as to when this major issue will be resolved.


I too... "have opened up numerous tickets, talked to several tech support reps, talked to my account rep but nobody has a solution and we have been down".. since engaging with Comcast. "Very disappointed with Comcast and we feel like we have made the wrong decision to switch from our old ISP".


We are a very small company. At this point, we can't even order new business cards, update our website, migrate to and teach users about Outlook until resolved so the impact is not insignificant. It boggles the mind to know that as huge as Comcast is they can't resolve what should seemingly be a relatively basic problem.

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Re: Domain Registration

Things have not changed. At first I was getting errors when trying to create a new user. Turns out, if you import an e-mail address before creating a user, you will not be able to create any new users. Comcast had to erase all evidence of my existing e-mail from the site, had me start over with a new user from the beginning and 4 weeks later, that works.


Now I cannot register my domain name. I don't have any that I brought in, the name shows up as available but the registration button does not work.


I too am disappointed in my decision to go with Comcast Small Business. When calling for support, I get completely wrong answers that make no sense at all, or they can't answer it at all. If there happens to be someone on their support team that knows what they're doing, I may get an answer, but it will take a week to fix the problem. Meanwhile, I'm paying for a service I cannot use! I am strongly considering dropping Comcast and demanding a refund, (almost 2 months). I think they will have to dissolve the 2 year subscription. The BBB, SEC, FCC, et. al. will probably like to hear about this.


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