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Domain Name Provisioning delay

My office has been without email for several weeks. We were assured that once our Comcast was installed that pointing the email would be easy.... My tech spent over 4 hours working on the issue yesterday just to be told it would be a 24 hour wait until the domain would be available.


The 24 hours is up and my domain (we've had for years....) is stil PROVISIONING... is it going on a trip? I do not understand the delay. We have changed phone companies/ISP before and been able to POP our email in a few hours - no wait at the other end!


How long will this take???? I understand my tech has to come back and finish the project once the domain is available.  This delay is not acceptable!

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Re: Domain Name Provisioning delay

Edy, welcome to the Forum.  The provisioning delay for you domain was escalated to the Web group last evening for manual activation.  Please login again to verify activation. If you need further assistance we can work with you or your designated IT person real time in to quickly resolve any additional issues.


Thank you

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