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Domain Auth-code?

New Member

Domain Auth-code?


   my domain name is

and i wnat to know my domain auth-code,what can i get it ?

and also what can i change the domain dns,i want to change the ip

but i cannot found change.asap thanks

my email is

please reply me

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domain Auth-code?

Welcome wdhboy.  To locate the auth code for the domain:

Log into your account at (you must use the admin email address to login)

Click the <manage website> on the lower right  (this takes you to the control panel)

Click Domains Names.  Locate the domain in question and then click  EDIT.  You will see the auth code.

For the DNS records.  

Click the <advanced DNS records> tab.  This is located to the right of the auth code info.