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DNS for hosted premises Exchange Server

I just transfered my domain to Comcast and need to setup Exchange to send and receive e-mail. I have smarthost working through comcast on port 587. I need to know the following;


A recomended port to receive e-mail on other than 25

How to setup MX record for mail.domainname

How to setup remote.domainname to point to my static IP Address

How to setup autodiscover for autodiscover.domainname






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Re: DNS for hosted premises Exchange Server

Hello Stevereno,


Welcome to the forum.


To your query try using port 110 receiving email. (PoP3)


For information on updating DNS entry, please try these documents from our help & support articles.

Accessing Site Control (Please scroll all the way down for the needed info)

DNS entry access 

 - It is in the site control's menu option you can make the update needed.


If you need further clarification or assistance please post to the community.



Thank you for the post.

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Re: DNS for hosted premises Exchange Server

Are running your own exchange server or one hosted by Comcast?


If you are running your own, then in whatever DNS servers are authoritative for your domain you will need to set up the following:

  • an A record for the hostname of your exchange server which points to the static IP address
  • an MX record for your domain that points to the hostname of the exchange server
  • an SRV record that includes the autodiscover priority, port, and hostname where the autodiscover information can be found
  • and contact support to set up the reverse lookup PTR record that maps your static IP address back to the hostname.


Also, if you're running your own exchange server, you can contact support have them unblock port 25 for inbound SMTP connections so that your server can actually receive incoming email.  Outgoing messages should still be submitted to the mail server by way of port 587 which has become the standard mail submission port.


If you are using Comcast's DNS servers, I believe you can manage many of the DNS records via the account management -> manage services -> internet -> view DNS settings, but I don't know since I actually run my own DNS servers.  Check it out, but the Comcast support people should be able to help out.  If you run your own servers or use a third party DNS service, then you'll have to work out how to add those records with that vendor.