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Change the canonical name alias - Not Completed



I currently have DNS hosting with DynDns, and I would like to continue to use them as my DNS hosting provider, but I would like to use the web hosting space I receive with my business Internet.


In following the process for bringing over an existing website, step 2 of 3 requests that I create a specifc CNAME record for the domain with a specific alias to <company>  In my case the CNAME that was requested was NTSGA.<domain>.com.


I have created the alias and it can resolve through multiple DNS servers on the Internet, but the comcast setup page still has step 2 at "Not completed".  I waited a few days just to make sure it was not a timing issue.


Has anyone else had this issue and made it past this step successfully?


Thank You



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Re: Change the canonical name alias - Not Completed

Nope,check the top threads now..

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