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Broken domain migration tool

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Broken domain migration tool

So i see many posts about the domain migration function not working and being stuck on the cname portion without a solution. My domain ( is also stuck, has 2 entries in the domain list, and when you try to delete and start over it says "unknown error contact an admin". I really wish there was a way to call someone and fix this, or better chat realtime online since this issue appears to be a cronic failure. The CName dns record has been working for 4 days now from the comcast dns systems.

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Re: Broken domain migration tool

Hello CandyCaneParkAssn annd welcome,


First, you can contact Comcast at 800-391-3000, use the high speen internet technical option to request to have a Tier 2 engineer assign to getting this resolved for you. Secondly, if you are at the home login page if you look to the right about half way down their is a little Cloud with 3 dits in side and if you right your cursor over that it will provide you the direct chat line.


Hope this helps you out.