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Assigning static IP addresses

My organization has been assigned 5 static IP addresses. What is the correct way to assign these to devices? I am currently doing it this way:


Internal wireless router, providing additional connectivity to other devices in my house. I have the IP address on this router set to a public static IP assigned to me (via the router admin interface). 


Virtualization server management - I have assigned another public static ip address to this interface (as opposed to using dhcp to give me a local ip range)


one virtual machine - I have assigned an additional public static IP address to this machine (again, as opposed to using dhcp to give me a local ip range)


I have also disabled the firewall on the comcast gateway. In doing it this way, none of the three above mentioned devices can have connections made to them. They all seem to work outbound, but inbound, nothing outside of my local network can access them. (Or if they can, the connection is extremely slow). 


Also, in assigning these three devices public static ip addresses, I cannot ping them or communicate with them through my local network. I went into Advanced>NAT and provided the local and public ips associated with each device, and I can ping the devices, but keep getting random connection timeouts or weird redirect hops from the gateway to the actual ip. 


What seems to be the problem?


UPDATE: This still seems to be an ongoing issue. The biggest issue lies when I use NAT to make the public IP accessible. I don't believe that the comcast equipment is reliable enough to successfully do the things that need to be done. Unfortunately, it appears that using their equipment is the only option. It seems like I am paying for 5 static IP addresses for no reason.

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Re: Assigning static IP addresses

Hello workaholicstudios and welcome to forums,


Unfortunately we are unable to give advice as to how to assign your static IP's to your network devices. In order to get that type of request completed, you would need to speak with your IT professional.


That being said here is some basic information that may help. Your static IP assignments are simply IP addresses that can be reached from the internet. These addresses do very little in regards to your local network and internal routing. You do reserve the right to assign your addresses to any device on your network but again this is for public face traffic (internet) not local network traffic. Since you have static assignments we can put your modem into bridge mode, from here you can assign one of your public IP's to a DHCP server or router. (allowing it public access) This device assigned one of your IP addresses should be able to service internet on your local network. If any of your devices require their own outside connection from the internet you would need one of your static assignments on that device.


I am not sure as to your network configuration nor your need for the static IP's thus the need for your own IT professional. If my explanation was unclear or you have more detailed questions please feel free to post or private message me.


Thank You

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