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slow ping response

The Virtual Office (we use 2X which is a slightly souped-up RDP connection that is more affordable to non-profits than Citrix) server farm that my office needs to connect to is in Cincinnati, Ohio, and our vendor there only recommends connecting with a ping response to of preferably 50-60ms and no more than 70-80ms.  Today for the first time I'm seeing some responses under 80ms, but they go up over 200ms and I get a lot at 100ms+.  Is there anything that can be done for us to have fewer hops or get a more consistently lower ping response?  Thanks in advance, Mark

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Re: slow ping response

you can try rebooting the modem/router which clears up any potentially overused buffers. Other than that, there isn't much you can do yourself if the latency impact is happening outside your LAN. Keep in mind that any traffic within your LAN that's going on simultaneous to when you run the ping, will throw off the measurement. As well, make sure you're hardwired with ethernet, and not on WiFi, for the best latency.

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