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reboot gateway everyday

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reboot gateway everyday

I have to reboot the gateway virtually everyday.  Not conducive for business use.  After several tech phone calls and site visits it still occurs.  Unfortunately I was dumb enough to sign up for 3 years.  Now I am stuck with having to unplug gateway everytime I loose service.  My lasy service phone call today said it has to be my cables.  Whenever you call they start from the beginning.  Please encourage everyone to not use Comcast Business because if the service does not work as promised it is your problem not comcast. 

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No internet again today

Internet dropped off again today tech says everything ok when they check and no record of down service even though i loose service plugged directly into modem..  They will send tech out but if not modem cost is $99.99 .  Awesome basically their advice is don't bother us unless you want to risk paying more.   Their time is important but my time as a business owner is free.

Bottom line friends don't let friends use Comcast Business.

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Community Manager

Re: reboot gateway everyday

Hello poed,


Your description of the issue sounds like a possible buffer overflow on gateway.

I say this because of your post excerpt of: "I have to reboot the gateway virtually every day."  

This line is noted because it appears resetting the gateway restores your connectivity.


To assist in your trouble shooting can post for us the following to be certain?

1. What is your service level with Comcast? 

- Service Level from Comcast Link

2. Can you "map" out your network for us?

- Example: Gateway -> Router/switch -> computer 1, 2, 3, and server etc.


Thank you