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more than 9 months of internet that can't even ping for more that a few minutes with out drops.

How many poor people are out their wasting money on a service that does not work!!!! WE ARE, THEY (COMCAST) broke our service about 9 months ago and ever since it has been S#*T.  We had to stop using it as our primary and only our backup ISP.  The service s)cks so bad, that if I leave it on for more than 5 minutes everyone in the office freaking out wanting to go home to work.  With only 1 computer our connection, speedtest is getting about 46 down and 9 up, so you would think wow if 1 user and 1 computer it would be screaming.  Well for get it, they did an upgrade in our area that long ago 9 months or so, and stopped us in our tracks.  Pings s)ck even with in the state.  When we put our 30 users on the connection just using RDP the hole system freaks out.  I would hope they didn't limit the amount of RDP sessions the modem or routers could handle but that sure seems to be the case, I know this will never be fixed and can’t wait for third ISP to come to the area so they can become my backup/primary. 

Get this the last time they came out to fix it, they had us increase the speed cause we had to many people and that flooding the connection (NOT) and so we paid for speed increase and nothing was fixed and the promise of a call back; of course like normal NOTHING HAPPENED, NO CALL, NO EMAIL, NO FIX!!!. Three or four times ago they replaced our modem after I was calling the manager directly for three weeks all that did changed out public IP, which I was told was a static IP (and it was not, at least we were not being billed for it).  Someone really should get a written reprimand, for the faller for follow up and it should be the management team.


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Re: more than 9 months of internet that can't even ping for more that a few minutes with out drops.

If your not paying for and don't need a static IP then have Comcast put the router into bridged mode and buy a decent router and use that.

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