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loss of wired internet connection

Yesterday morning I was able to get online with my Windows 7 HP laptop, but when I got home last night, the computer would no longer connect. I'm able to get on with my old XP laptop and my XP desktop and my W7 laptop works fine at work when I input the static IPs that are needed to get on the network there, but when I set it back to get IP and DNS automatically, which is how I'm set up at home, I have no connectivity. I've re-booted the modem a couple of times and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the network driver, but nothing seems to help.  Any ideas?

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Re: loss of wired internet connection

Hello booksincbernie,


Welcome to the forum.

Based on your post this sounds like either:

- Your laptop is retaining your "work" location's LAN address or trying to utilize both IPV4 and IPV6 DHCP.


What we suggest is this:

1. Go into your LAN setting and disable the IVP6 (if it is still enabled) and only use the IPV4.

2. Enter a static LAN IP to your laptop matching your network.


This should assist in your trouble shooting steps otherwise we would suggest more an in-depth assist from an IT, such as our signature support.


Thank you

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