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internet interruption

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internet interruption

Comcast has interrupted our internet service twice now. We went to speak with a representative locally and they could offer no explanation as to what was wrong. They simply set up an appointment for the evening after 5 p.m.


Our point of sale machine operates on the internet, so this would effectively put us out of business for the entire day. I called the 800 number, listened to numerous robots tell me about easy it was to pay my bill, waited 5 minutes and finally got to speak to someone. 


The rep I spoke to said an appointment had already been scheduled. I complained and he offered to send a refresh signal to the modem. He put me on hold and a minute later, the internet service came back up and my call to the rep got dropped.


I'm becoming very dissatisfied with comcast. They are unprofessional. Worse yet, if I cancel my contract with them, they said they'd charged me 75% of my total contract as an upfront penalty.


Very, very unprofessional and arrogant.



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Re: internet interruption

Mine is very slow as well. Download speed test has been giving me less than 1 Mbps for more than a week. It's also very hard to get a hold of someone when i call 1800 comcast. 


I've power cycled both the modem & the router many times. Please please please look into this and issue credit for the past week. Please help!!!

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