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identify device?

can anyone tell me what kind of device this would be, based on the host address?


I would think that comcast has a standardized naming convention.

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Re: identify device?

joweaver88 asked, "can anyone tell me what kind of device this would be, based on the host address?"  But he actually provided a DNS name rather than an IP address.


The universal external answer to this question is "No".  


Even with a standardized naming convention, one can only hazard a guess at device kind.  The only thing one can be certain of that the name supplied points to a device with the IPv4 address as in:

Mynode:~ me$ dig
<omitted lines> 7104 IN A

 There are other intrusive methods which can sometimes determine an identifying signature. These are generally regard as impolite at best and illegal at worst. 


Given all that verbiage, asking the Comcast Network Operations Center might get you the response you desire, since the name is clearly referring to a Comcast system, either in California or Canada.  You will have to supply proper justification for the request.