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connection issues

My business class connection at home was acting up all day Sunday so I called and we went thru some troubleshooting and it was diagnosed to be a bad modem. The appointment was seuup for next day between 8 to 12noon.


No one showed up during that window.


I called back the 800 number and was told that someone tried to call me and since I didn't pickup, they just closed the case??? I looked at my phone and saw a missed call - no voicemail left - no call back left - call was from the 800 number. The appointment was then rescheduled between noon to 5 by support.


Again no one showed up.


Someone called me right at 5 and as soon as I picked up and said hello, the other side disconnected. I saw the same 800 number and figured its Comcast so I called back and was told that the appointment got cancelled because they made an attempt to contact me and were not able to. where is the call back? where is the voicemail? - do they bother to try again? you think I can take a bio break without taking my phone with me?


I called back yet again and was told that there was never an appointment scheduled for noon to 5 and the appointment was actually for Tuesday between 8 and 10. wow, I must have imagined the appointment???? 


well its 10am on Tuesday and I am still down without any Internet trying to run an Internet based IT business.


No way to treat your biz class customers comcast, step up or you'll be stepped over by WOW and U-VERSE - both of them have service in my area by the way and I am seriously thinking about taking my business to them. I don't care anymore, I'll pay $50 more but I need service. I'm trying to run a business here.