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Xfinity access

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Xfinity access

I frequently travel and want to be able to connect to Xfinity WiFi where available.  In some locations, I am able to connect using my Comcast Business account.  In other locations, my name and password are not recognized, including Xfinity hotspots in some of my own offices.


When I called Comcast business support, they said the service was only available to residential customers.  This, despite the fact that 1) My business account does work in some locations and 2) Xfinity's own website says I should be able to do this with a business account.


Next, support said I should download the xfinity app.  Problem is that I am trying to connect on a Windows computer and there is no app for that.  Support then told me I could not connect on a Windows computer because I could not get an app.  I know this is wrong because I have connected on Windows computers before.


Anyone have any experience on this issue? Any explanation as to why my account works in some locations and others not?


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Re: Xfinity access

Thank you for reaching out mtroy1. Let's get to the bottom of this as it sounds like with the frequent traveling you do, the hotspots are a necessity. You mentioned that it works on your Windows device in some places and not in others. Do you notice if there is any difference in the network name (public hotspots should show as "xfinitywifi")? And is it always that the username and password are not accepted? Is there a specific error message or code? Or is it looping you back to the login page?