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Xfinity WIFI disconnect every 12 hours

I am using a windows 7 laptop to login to Xfinity WIFI with my ID and Password.  I will leave this laptop on all the time. Strangely my laptop can go online for about 12 hours, it will be disconnected.  

Can I make it auto login so I don't have to sign in with my ID and password?  Why was it being disconnected at around 12 hours interval?  How can I keep it online?





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Re: Xfinity WIFI disconnect every 12 hours

Hello info_hyllc and welcome,


First of all, it is necessary that you check your laptop wireless network settings to make sure there is no timeout set after a certain amount of wireless operation inactivity.  Secondly, if your laptop network settings are not timing your laptop out, then call 800-391-3000, use technical option, provide your Comcast account number, then request that the technical agent performs the following:

Log into your Comcast Gateway, then:

1. Make sure your WAN interface DNSs are programmed to pri= and sec=

2. Make sure your LAN interface DNSs are programmed to pri= and sec=

3. Make sure your LAN interface LeaseTime settings = FOREVER
4. Lastly, make sure your downstream and upstream power levels are between 0-5db and less than 44 db, respectively.


Checking and following the recommendations should allow your laptop to stay connected forever or until the next power outage.... Man Wink 



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