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Wiring Guide Business Connection Pro

Is there a network/wiring guide for the Connection Pro equipment?
What are the default settings for Connection Pro?



We have a modem set in bridge mode then into the WAN on our router.  The installer put the Cradlepoint WAN port to the modem but nothing to our router. Does it work with a single wire connection?  What happens when the modem loses WAN but not LAN? How can it possibly work the way they left it since it has no power backup on the comcast modem?


The device is "setup" as in it has cellular signal and is running but in this configuration I don't see how it is "working."

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Re: Wiring Guide Business Connection Pro

I am happy to look further into the connection pro concerns. Can you please reach out through private message with the name, address and phone number so we can get started addressing your concerns?

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Re: Wiring Guide Business Connection Pro

A public guide on this would be nice as I am running into the same issue now. I will be sending you a PM Michelle.