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What are my options with static IP's?

I have been talking to more and more people about my problem - and the consensus is flooded NAT tables. If I were to upgrade from one static IP to 5, would the Cisco DPC3939B be able to assign one IP to wireless, one to the server, and save the others for future use? Would this increase my NAT table problem by the # of IP's or at least isolate the problem server?



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Re: What are my options with static IP's?


Hello onespeedfast and welcome,


Not exactly sure of your actual NAT tables issues but most of the time, NATTING can be overly complex and tough to maintain if any changes are required.  If you are looking to be able to share resources between different device, like applications on 2 different computers, then this can be easily done with each computer having a staticIP, then the application ports being securely opened up using the DPC.Advanced.Port Management facility.


Most computers need to share application resouces with each other. If there is something else you are trying to do, please give the community some addtional detail.


Hope this helps you out. 

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