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VPN appliance with Comcast business Technicolor router

I have Comcast Business which includes internet and phones, and they have me on a Technicolor CGA4131COM router which they say I must maintain. 


I want a VPN set up so I can access files from home, which is a service not provided by Comcast; therefore, they advise that I place a VPN appliance behind my Comcast router. 


Not being very technical, I'm hoping someone can recommend a solution for me.


Which appliance can I place behind my Comcast router will allow me to establish a VPN connection from home?


When searching the internet, every solution I'm running across seems to require that I replace my Comcast router, which Comcast says is a no go.

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Re: VPN appliance with Comcast business Technicolor router

Port forwarding for internal networks is Comcast’s recommendation for private networks that need to use devices that require VPN access (i.e. security cameras and credit card machines). If you would like some information on that I can assist you. Please reach out through private message with the name, address and phone number on the account. 

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