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VOIP Can't receive incoming calls


VOIP Can't receive incoming calls

I recently started working from home and am having trouble receiving VOIP calls. I have a Cisco 7940 phone and thought it was nice when the tech updated my equipemt to the Cisco DPC3941B modem/router. What I didn't realize was I would lose the ability to receive incoming calls. I can call out both internally and externally. What's frustrating is I can hookup my phone to my personal Netgear Orbi router and everything is fine. I am hoping I don't have to open up a bunch of ports. I don't have a lot of technical support inside my company when it comes to troubleshooting VOIP issues. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Re: VOIP Can't receive incoming calls

Hello, thanks for reaching out to us over forums. It is always great working with all of our valued customers here. I am sorry you are having trouble getting VOIP calls. Let me take a closer look at your services and get more details. Are you able to send a private message when you have a moment?