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Uploading Large Files

When I upload large files, I am sometimes unable to browse or do anything else with my internet. I normally just do a hard reset during the upload and then I'm able to browse once again. I did notice during times I can't use the internet, the upstream power levels rise to a maximum of 51dBmV but after the reset they go back to normal to around 47-49dBmV. 


Problem only occurs when I go to upload a large file, especially videos on Youtube.


I'm using a SB6141 with a 50 Mbps/10 Mbps. How should I go about fixing this problem?



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Re: Uploading Large Files

Hello Yong and welcome to forums,


I was looking over your signal to your location and did not see anything alarming off hand. Your upstream power that you reported during this issue is a bit high but within specs for your modem. I am not sure what could cause this beyond having you factory rest your modem or me putting your modem into a IPv4 only mode to force re-registration back to the network. This process can take up to 40 minutes to complete. Please let me know the best time of day for this reset. (AM/PM)


Thank You

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