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Upload speed is much lower than what it should be

Good morning,

This is a problem that I have been having for about a week now.

I have the 50/10 Internet.


However, lately, I have been getting more like 2mbps on upload on any speed test that I have run, download is fine.

I can also vouch for this in any online backup I do (Crashplan or Backblaze).


With every piece of equipment off (except my test computer) I can see on my router that there is almost 0 traffic. I run a wired speed test and I only get 2mbps.


I have reboot my modem via the Comcast Website and I have done a hard power off and on and nothing has fixed it.


Please advise.

Thank you,


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Re: Upload speed is much lower than what it should be

Have you tried bypassing your router and plugging directly into the modem? If so and you're still having slow speed, login to the modem (the rental modems are at user cusadmin, password highspeed) and post a screenshot of the upstream & downstream signals. Also, check out the "Connection Troubleshooting Tips" sticky topic on the forum.

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