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Upload is 10.6mbps but download is 8mbps and getting slower

I am new to Comcast Business Internet and my first day was 10 days ago. On that day my download speed was a very nice 49.1mbps and upload of 10.6mbps. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the download speed has dropped every single day since then. The upload is where it should be, but as you noticed in the subject line my download is now at 8mbps.


I have rebooted the modem/gateway, rebooted my router, rebooted my computer, and I have connected directly to the modem with a laptop; all with the same results.


At this time I only have two computers connected to my router and I have added nothing else to the line, nor have I changed any modem/gateway settings.


By next week I may be bridging my connection through my cell phone for a speed upgrade! It reminds me of my first car... after 2 weeks it was so slow I would push it to work just so I could listen to the radio.

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Re: Upload is 10.6mbps but download is 8mbps and getting slower

You might want to consider logging into your SMC Gateway (using the default login credentials) and insuring the following is internally set:

 For starters, in LAN, lease time = forever, all Switch (LAN) Ports set to FULL DUPLEX and Auto-negotiate set to min 100M to 1G, DNSs are set to Comcast standard pri= sec=  After you make these changes, reboot your external router for it to reconnect using the new interconnect settings. These LAN settings are known to be beneficial to your router with much lower packets loss yielding much better bandwidth speed, never loosing router to Gateway interconnect avoiding unintelligent router release / renew processing, and providing fast and secure overall device IP accessing.


Hope this might help out some....... 

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Re: Upload is 10.6mbps but download is 8mbps and getting slower

Hi, Thank you for the reply!


I checked the gateway and the ports were all set at half duplex, 2 with auto-negotiate, 2 were at 10M and 2 at 100M. The DNS IP addresses were both good.


So I changed the ports to your recommended settings, then rebooted. It was an immediate turbo boost; reduced packet loss, lower ping times to test servers, and the speed jumped back to the advertised 50/10Mbps.


Thank you so much I wouldn't have noticed those settings existed in the gateway!


Thanks again.

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