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Third Night Hard Down

It is 9:45 PM central Time and for the third day in a row the internet went down!!!!  For what I pay for Business Class, this in UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!  If you look at the forums, this seems to be a common issue, so why does Comcast not address or fix my issue.  More the 550 people online watching my video stream.  LOST REVENUE for the thrif day in a row!!!!

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Re: Third Night Hard Down

Have you done the basic troubleshooting?


Basic troubleshooting is logging into the webinterface of the modem and making sure you have decent signal levels, you should see downstream S/N over 29, and upstream power over 31.


If they are lower than that, then you have too many splitters in the cable or the cable is compromised in some way and you will NEVER have stable service no matter what buttons are pressed at the central office and how much thrashing around is done.


What's the modem model your using?

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