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Switch connected Access Point not connecting to Gateway

Hi. New to Board.  School situation. New gateway modem. I have an Linksys access point set up on the other side of the school whose signals are transmitted to the modem through 2 Linksys switches however I don't get a link light on the modem.  Any ideas will be greatl 

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Re: Switch connected Access Point not connecting to Gateway

Welcome m-Marion.   The gateway should have network connectivity once the coax cable is connected and the bootfile is loaded from the Comcast CMTS.    If you connect the linksys directly to the gateway and do not have network connectivity  set the linksys to factory default, this will cause it to accept an IP range from the LAN DHCP side of the gateway   If this setup is already intact and you are unable to get a connection to another device from the Linksys,  make sure the linksys is broadcasting, also check the device to make sure it the Linksys wireless network is identified.   While this sounds like a signal strength issue, I cannot be sure without additional details on the network topology at you location. 


Is it Comcast gateway>>>>>wireless router or/hotspot>>>>>wireless router>>>>wired or wireless switches>>>>????????

Also need to know which device in the chain cannot connect past the gateway.


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