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Spotty connectivity, Regular resets, many hard power cycles

Many times I'm away from my router and with people frequently logging on and off to use the internet, this particular service has become extremely troublesome as I can't rely on anyone else to fix the problems.  My solution? to dump this garbage modem/router combo and replace it with something that actually feels like working.  I've even gone so far as purchasing a new router, and wiring that up to the comcast box just to have reliable internet and now even that is spotty at best.  Enough is enough.

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Re: Spotty connectivity, Regular resets, many hard power cycles

Hello joeymac318 and welcome,


If you are a Comcast gateway DHCP Server user and just connect your wireless router(WR) for wifi connectivity please consider the following steps to make things more consistently functiional:


1. connect any computer via enet cable to any LanPort 1-4 on back of Comcast Gateway (CG)

2. bring up a browser and enter into address field then enter, username=cusadmin and password=highspeed

3. click on LAN, then make sure the PriDNS= and SecDNS=

4. then select the down arrow next to LeaseTime and select FOREVER

5. click apply and these new setting will be saved in your CG.

6. reboot your WR and any other direct Enet connected computers.


The above process will provide you with more overall consistent functional operation of you wired and wifi interconnect.


Hope this helps you out.

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