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Speed and Latency Issues

Good afternoon, I have been noticing speed and latency issues resently. I have the premium 27Mbps down 7Mbps up. When I run a speed test I am noticing at times anywhere between 2-9Mbps down and .75-2 Mbps up and Latency anywhere from 180 to 350 ms. When i reboot my modem I am back to 35 down 7 up under 20ms. I have an SMCD3G modem, Hardware version 1.01, Firmware




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Re: Speed and Latency Issues

Welcome SI08062.  While all network issues on the Comcast side have addressed at this time. At your convenience, we would like for you to retest and post your results along with the test type and or terminating IP outside of the gateway. If you are still having issues with your service please let us know and we will work with the necessary groups to resolve the issue.


Thank you

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