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Site Unavailable Only On Comcast

We are unable to access the webpage from our Comcast Business class line. We can access the site over our Integra T1 line as well as any cell phone. A tracert shows the rout failing at hop 10 only on Comcast. I also checked the site from my home comcast business line with the same results leading to the only conclusion that it must be a comcast issue.


How do you report something like this? The rest of the internet is just fine on the comcast line.

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Re: Site Unavailable Only On Comcast

Hello RowleyTech and welcome,


Not sure what is going on with this domain , but the following shows you may need to check out your zone file to make sure it's records are correct.


A;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
CNAMENo CNAME record found.
PTRNo PTR record found.
3056 10800 3600 604800 60


Hope this helps you out.

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