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Significant latency/packet loss events in Castro Valley, CA

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Significant latency/packet loss events in Castro Valley, CA

For the past week or two, we've been seeing issues with high latency and loss that vary in intensity, ranging anywhere from a packet dropped every few minutes to a full 10-20% loss at times. We've had two techs come out so far; the first last Tuesday (Oct 8) replaced all of the wiring from the street pole to the modem, and even swapped out the modem.


The problems continued, and we had a second tech come out on Sunday (Oct 13). He confirmed that he was seeing the loss as well, going upstream from our location. Supposedly, he was going to have someone else come check the lines in the area, but I've heard nothing since, aside from the first tech (the one from Tuesday) calling me back and basically also saying he was seeing the same issues, again saying that someone else would come check the area out.


Any idea what the status of such an escalation is? Is there any better way to stay updated on progress? We've eliminated anything on our end that would be causing the outages, and the problem is clearly in the Comcast lines (just trying to ping the first Comcast hop in any traceroute sees the same kind of loss). The loss is annoying in the better periods, and renders connections nearly unsable during the worse periods. The severity varies over time, but often tends to be worse in the evenings and weekends.


Relevant ticket numbers:

CR337921258 (Oct 8)

CR338693385 (Oct 13)


Example pings to


Example pings to

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Community Manager

Re: Significant latency/packet loss events in Castro Valley, CA

Welcome Amber.  Services and maintenance for you account is handled thru the National Accounts Center @ 8665116489. Your reference ticket has been updated with the current information.


Thank You