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Setting up Connection Pro as failover



We have received a CradlePoint device and it looks like it was set up to connect straight to the Comcast modem. We have a static IP and our internal network has a firewall that manages the connectivity for our network. As it is set up right now, the CradlePoint will not do anything for us because it is plugged straight into the modem and does not have the same static IP that our modem would be using.


Does this CradlePoint have to be plugged into the modem or could I plug it into our firewall on a different port and set up the failover on my firewall instead? If it has to be plugged into the modem I don't see how this would benefit us at all as I would have to make a change in the firewall every time or bypass it and plug our network directly to the modem. This should be automated.

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Re: Setting up Connection Pro as failover

Thank you so much for reaching out to ask us about this! The Cradlepoint should be hardwired to the device that you want to have the failover support, so either the modem or the router/firewall, via Ethernet cord. Static wouldn't be supported in the 4G LTE backup though, so any device(s) that interface with the Cradlepoint directly must be configured to pull a Dynamic IP.