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Serious Speed and Connection Issues

I have been noticing serious speed and latency issues recently - last month (Jan - present).


Over the past month, my download speeds have dropped down to the 9 Mbps down (MAX) and 1.5 Mbps up (max). Even after reboot, these speeds remain. Paying for 16/3 and speeds always matched or exceed that. How can I get this fixed??


Each morning, from 6-9 am CST, I get frequent loss of connection which resolves on its own within 15 minutes and then happens again. Afternoon and evenings present slower than expected speeds, but not so many loss of connection events.


This is impacting my business. Is there a new firmware to help fix the problem?  Prior to Jan, no issues were seen. No hardware changes since then, no changes of any kind.


I have 5 static IPs and I do not want the configuration messed up.


I have an SMCD3G modem, Hardware version 1.01, Firmware

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Re: Serious Speed and Connection Issues

Welcome jbabaian.  Your issue has been escalated to the local market service center for repair.  Please let us know if your issue persist after your service call.


Thank You

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