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Send/Receive error in Outlook with Comcast Only - Ports set as directed - Please help!

Hi Everyone,


I am not good with computers, so I am hoping you might be able to help me out with the below.


As of yesterday my computer and phone cannot connect to my e-mail server on Outlook. It keeps showing send/receive error message on both. Our server has been checked and they assure me that it is fine. My computer and phone both connect to the internet just fine with Comcast. It is just that my Outlook cannot seem to send/receive with Comcast. I believe the problem then lies with the Comcast network. 


Using Outlook on my phone works fine if it is not connected to Comcast and works off of the 4G. Also, if I use my phone as a mobile hotspot and connect my laptop to the phone produced wifi then the Outlook on my computer works just fine.


I have my settings set as everyone online suggests they should be for a POP3 account with the incoming at port 110 and the outgoing at port 587. These settings have all worked fine for the last year without any problems and I have not touched my settings since the computer and account were originally set up. I have no idea why it worked one day and the next it stopped. I can only think that it must be due to a change with Comcast.


(I should note that this is not a locational issue as I have Comcast at home and at two separate offices (separate accounts) and it does not work at any of these locations.)


Does anyone have any ideas of how I might be able to get my Outlook working again?

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