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SMTP and IMAP Settings

First of all, I hope that one or more SENIOR EXECUTIVES FROM COMCAST BUSINESS read this message, because I'd like to tell you that your SERVICE IS RUBBISH.


When I call the BUSINESS phone number, I expect to be speaking to BUSINESS technical support, not the mouth-breathers in Consumer. Problem #1.


The reason that I called, and was ON HOLD FOR OVER HALF AN HOUR, was that I'm trying to get the SMTP and IMAP settings for my Comcast business email account, so that I can receive email on my phone, computer, or any other device I BLOODY WELL PLEASE.


No one in the so -called "technical support" seemed to have the faintest clue what I was talking about, and acted like I WAS FROM BLOODY OUTER SPACE. So there's that.


Please tell me there's a fix for this, and I'm not just whistling in the dark. Or, please tell me who Comcast Businesss' biggest competitor is, because I'm SURE THEY'D BE HAPPY TO TAKE MY MONEY.

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Re: SMTP and IMAP Settings

Hi dizzydev and welcome to the business forums. 


For issues or settings with your email, I would recommend reaching out to the Cloud Solutions team.


Please let me know if you need anything.

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