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SMC8014 Problems

We have a Comcast Business Gateway (SMC 8014). Every 2 to 4 hours a days we have to power cycle it because the speed just drops down to 1 mbps or less, and everytime this happens, the gateway / router alson doen't issue new ip addresses to new devices/computer that connects to the network, (wired or wireless).


Also when the bandwidth drops down this level, I cannot connect to the Gateway Admin at, or there are times that itwill show this the message below if you access the modem from the local network:

Access Error: Data follows
when trying to obtain /login.asp

Can't get memory


We've been experiencing this problem for a long time now like more than 6months now, it was ok to do a power cycle once a day, but lately it's been getting to a point that is really frustrating. Having to power cycle the Gateway/Router 3 to four times a day isn't acceptable.


We'll be waiting for your reply.


Thank you

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Re: SMC8014 Problems

Welcome ForexFlorida.  You post points to an issue with the SMC-8014.  Our Service Center can schedule a service call at your convenience to replace the device with the new SMCD3GCCR. (800-391-3000).


Thank You

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