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Routing Problems

Let me start off by saying I am not network person. I develop software and have two internal servers where I host client websites and web applications. A while back Comcast changed my cable model. Prior to the change I was able to sit at my development PC and access each of the sites by their assigned URL. So, from my LAN connection on my PC I could connect to my sites via the WAN address. After the change, all I get "Page can’t be displayed" for all my sites.


I've talked to Comcast Support - the aget said he bumpted me up to a tier 2 support, that was two days ago and haven't heard a thing.


I have a Cisco Cable Model Model DPC3941B


Any ideas.


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Re: Routing Problems

Hello RWBear and welcome to forums.


I apologize for the delayed response to your post.It appears as though the IP address you were using in your prior modem  may have changed or perhaps a firewall setting that has changed. Do you recall the IP address of you servers prior to the change. Perhaps changing them back will resolve this for you. If this does not fix the issue I can look at the modem's setting to see what could be holding you back.

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