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Residential internet customers speed doubled

My friends that have residential internet through comcast rebooted their routers and their download speed has doubled. What about business class?? Do I need to cancel and go back to residential to see a boost in speeds?? I'm in northern CA.

See article:

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Re: Residential internet customers speed doubled

I would love to see our speeds get increased(also in Northern Cali).


Looks like it's definitely been rolled out for Most of California, but it appears to be  residential only


Edit: Well calling was a huge waste of time. First guy was so confused and put me on a 45 minutes hold. Where I eventually just hung up as he didn't respond. Next lady actually giggled as I was explaining what I was talking about. 


Edit 2: Third times the charm, I guess. The third represenative confirmed that these speed upgrades are for residential only.

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Re: Residential internet customers speed doubled

Hello Melshimazu and welcome,


Yes, Comcast over the last 12 months or so has nationally doubled all Residential internet speed and reduced all Business Class pricing while increasing speed in some speed tiers as follows:


1. Starter was 12/1 (Mbps down/Mbps Up) and now is 16.3 and priced $69.95 (per month)

2. Preferred was 16/2 @ $89.95 and is no longer offered in most regions

3. Premium was 27/7 priced at  $99.95 and is no longer offered in most regions

4. Deluxe 50/10 was $199.95 and is now offered @ 109.95 ($90.00 reduction)

5. New Deluxe 75/15 @ $149.95

6. Deluxe 100/10 @ $369.95 replaced (and no longer offered in most regions) by Deluxe 100/20 @ $199.95 (reduction of $170.00)

7. New Deluxe 150/20 @ $249.95


So over the past 12-18 months Comcast has made significant price reductions in conjunction with significant speed increases. If you need Residential versus Business Internet actual differences try this for starters and here are some other differences:



**********************Residential        Business        

*********************---------------         -------------

Mail Box Size**********10GB**********25GB

In conlusion, I hope this sheds some recent Comcast Business Class changes light for you. There are also many promotional available pricing structures that are way to long for this post.