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Recurring Connectivity Issues in MS

We have a Comcast Business Class account in Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157 that was set up about 2 months ago.


We have been experiencing constant connectivity issues with the service, so we set up a monitoring solution to graph the connection's latency and loss.


This is a graph of the connection over the last two days, as seen from a monitoring server in Fremont, CA:




Really poor, right?! You can see connectivity losses regularly.


A traceroute from our site in Fremont, CA looks like this:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  0.227 ms  0.185 ms  0.177 ms
 2 (  7.191 ms  8.854 ms  9.012 ms
 3 (  14.123 ms  14.091 ms  14.215 ms
 4 (  8.015 ms  8.108 ms  17.426 ms
 5 (  10.203 ms  10.172 ms  13.765 ms
 6 (  9.082 ms  9.064 ms  8.313 ms
 7 (  8.993 ms  3.014 ms  3.096 ms
 8 (  4.374 ms  4.430 ms  3.654 ms
 9 (  6.367 ms (  5.763 ms (  6.445 ms
10 (  9.028 ms  9.381 ms  8.638 ms
11 (  18.861 ms  18.210 ms  17.455 ms
12 (  57.717 ms  56.199 ms  55.506 ms
13 (  62.958 ms  62.928 ms  62.915 ms
14 (  66.023 ms  65.889 ms  65.181 ms
15 (  64.954 ms  68.774 ms  70.075 ms
16 (  79.703 ms  73.831 ms  72.710 ms
17  * * *

Given this traceroute, I've configured the monitoring server to also watch each router/hop along the way. Here's a graph of the hop right before our modem connection (



And the router before that (



This shows that there is a problem after router It may be a poor connection between it and, or might be the faulty link.


Regardless, I've written Comcast about this, and called in, and didn't get anywhere. The front-line techs don't understand any of this (understandably), and unfortunately I haven't been able to get past them.


I'd love to hear from a Comcast tech who can look into this. If we can't get it resolved we'll be forced to move to another service, which isn't something we want to do. And this issue is likely affecting many other customers in the area.


Thanks in advance for any support you can provide!



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Re: Recurring Connectivity Issues in MS

Welcome Brett_z.   As this issue appears to be on the network backbone, we have referred it to the local operations center for testing.  We will follow up with their results.


Thank you

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Re: Recurring Connectivity Issues in MS

Awesome, thanks John!



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Re: Recurring Connectivity Issues in MS



It appears as though this issue is still occurring. Have you been able to contact any technicians regarding this?



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Re: Recurring Connectivity Issues in MS

Brett_z. I apologize for the delay.   I have updated Network Operations with your latest data.


Thank you.

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